Saffron Apricots

Cups of delightful stewed apricots and saffron peaches, creamy yogurt
September 10, 2016
There was in my cup two peaches fruits that should already have been eaten at lunchtime.

But, not being at home for dinner and not having any more than what that day requires I want to spend time in the kitchen making a really nice saffron dessert recipe with apricots or peaches and because I am busy and rushed off my feet I’ve learned a quick and easy recipe here that will save you time and you will love the taste!

I have married saffron from Iran with fresh apricots and mixed this with curd whipped simply to make it a little more bubbly by whipping in the air (the free ingredient haha)

Nothing complicated so easy and quick, but fresh and light, and you eat it without feeling you have had an over decadent unhealthy dessert but more a delicious healthy one and still your hunger will grow for another, with some saffron sprinkled on top for added flavor sensation and visual impact and more! Here is a great saffron rice recipe that I made.

It looks like all such desserts I could equally well do with cottage cheese or ricotta, but there is a yogurt with recently discovered that I did which is blooming fantastic i tell you.

Easy to make at home

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking: 20 minutes

Atennte: minimum 2 pm


For 2 glasses:

For the compote:

2 ripe peaches

4 ripe apricots

4 tbsp sugar

4 or 5 saffron threads

For yoghurt mousse:

1 yoghurt + Madagascar Vanilla

5 cl cream

5 cups milk


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